Ride of my life

Biking in the hills in Catalonia makes you feel alive.

I spend long hours in front of a computer screen with little human contact other than social media. Monotonous as this may sound, I chose this life and love it in many ways. But the day I decided to buy a bicycle changed my life, and I have not looked back.

Fortunate enough to live in a village surrounded by hills and tracks ideal for biking on, most days at lunchtime, I pull on some leggings, grab my sunglasses and head for the hills.

It is a therapeutic experience and, as a person who tends to analyse a lot, the rush of air in my face and the constant forward motion give me the space to bring thoughts into mind, process them and then release them out into the bright sky.

The niggling voices scratching around in my head are sent flying out into the big wide world when I ride my bike.

And then there is the sheer beauty of it. Being able to look out over the sun whipped fields, whizzing along, I feel I am the luckiest person on Earth to be right here, right now. Suddenly, life comes into focus, and I turn somersaults of joy in my head as I hurtle down from the hilltops.

Dreary days, when I am consumed by work and the humdrum hammering of life sparkle once again when I go out on my bicycle.

At the end of these days, I can say, "no matter what life has thrown at me today, I have ridden up a mountain," and feel better knowing that I have done at least one positive thing for myself.

If you work from home or maybe just feel that your world has gone slightly off-kilter, I strongly recommend finding your own equivalent of my bike balm.


Genevieve Shaw és copywriter i traductora en anglès freelance amb més de 12 anys d'experiència. És especialitzada en màrqueting, cultura, turisme, salut & wellness. Per saber més, visita www.genevieveshaw.com.