Beautiful Mind

March 15, 2018

If you have two minutes, I would love you to stop what you’re doing and press play.



This is my song Beautiful Mind. Listen to the song and watch the animated video. Then I'll tell you what it means.


Beautiful Mind


Two lines she drew, one is him, one is you 

His line does not match yours

What is real, I ask

Put your hand on my heart

You can feel the beat soar 


I can show you the way

I can show you the way home


Beautiful Mind

Vision of the world

One of a kind

White pearl


I can show you the way

I can show you the way home


Swimming in the ocean of your beautiful mind

Swimming in the ocean of your beautiful mind


Obsession is there

Focus that's rare

Random but magical


I can show you the way

I can show you the way home

This is what Beautiful Mind is about.

Have you seen the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’? Russel Crowe plays a genius mathematician, John Nash, who develops paranoid schizophrenia. It's a true story.


Nash starts to believe the Russians are spying on him and scribbles equations all over the walls in secret, in an attempt to crack their code. But his wife discovers what he is doing, and we realise that Nash is going mad. He can no longer tell what is real.



My song pays tribute to people like John Nash: people with beautiful minds who are a bit mad. A lot of us share similarities with Nash, and it is often difficult to tell where the creativity stops and the madness starts.

“Two lines she drew, one is him, one is you. His line does not match yours.”


My song is also about someone I love who experiences things differently from other people. One day, a psychologist drew two lines on a piece of paper and told me, "One line is him. One line is you." The two lines were not on the same wavelength, but in my eyes this person simply has a beautiful mind. It's important to remember that no two people see life in the same way - we all live in slightly parallel universes and have different ways of seeing the world.

“What is real? I ask.”

In the film “A Beautiful Mind”, John Nash loses his grip on reality and realises that he can no longer see what is real. He asks his wife, “what is real?” This is a question I ask myself again and again. The physical world is constantly changing, and it is supposedly the most “real” thing there is.



Everything else is perception, and it is often difficult to reach a consensus on what is really going on, what really happened or what somebody really meant at a particular time. 

"What is real, I ask? Put your hand on my heart. You can feel the beat soar."

When Nash asks his wife, “What is real?”, she puts his hand on her heart and says, “This is real.”



It is a poignant moment and an image I come back to again and again in my own moments of madness. The people we love ground us. They show us how to get back from afar and connect us with life’s pulse once again. These are the people who show us the way home. 


And this is what I try to do for the people I love when their madness gets the better of them. It is also what they do for me. 

“I can show you the way, I can show you the way home.”


Genevieve Shaw is a freelance copywriter and translator. She is also a singer-songwriter, musician and producer.


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