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Genevieve Shaw has developed her career over the last twenty years in translating, editing and writing, specialising in health, culture and travel. She holds a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Edinburgh and a Master in Marketing from the EAE in Barcelona.


In recent years, she has collaborated on projects connected with innovation in health. When the UK applauded NHS workers at the onset of the pandemic, Genevieve decided it was time to find out who they really are, and especially the women, who make up over 75% of the workforce. For this reason, she made it her mission to give a voice to the many women who work in the NHS - the unsung heroes. In 2021, she launched Women in the NHS, a digital publication featuring written interviews with women who work in healthcare in the UK.


From Norwich (UK), Genevieve moves between Catalonia and the UK with her partner and three children. She is also involved in the design and production of a music-based method for language learning in Catalan primary schools.

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