Bon dia! Sóc la Genevieve Shaw.

Bon dia! Sóc la Genevieve. I’m from the UK and I’ve been living in the province of Barcelona, Catalonia, for the last 17 years. I decided to make this Mediterranean country my home because of the incredible people, the beautiful landscapes and the quirky, passionate culture. A lot of the things I think and feel make me want to grab a piece of paper, write them down, put the paper in a bottle and cast it out to sea so that other people can discover them too. This blog is about all those intriguing things. My Message in a Bottle.

I'm also a freelance copywriter and translator. Please visit my website to find out more.

I'm often surprised by people's unconscious emotional relationship with Catalan: they are "sons" or "daughters" of villages and they use the word "town" to talk about society at large.

Dream job or total nightmare? A day in the life of a personal assistant at a celebrity agency in Barcelona, and my experience of accompanying famous people on Spanish TV.

Highlights of the recent 2018 MET conference in Girona (Catalonia), in a very small nutshell: OffM events, inspiring talks, practical advice and new friends.

Nothing is as it seems in Barcelona. Starting out in the world of work in Barcelona? Make sure you're prepared for just about anything. How I got a job working in a celebrity agency.

An interview in a publishing house turned out to be an interview for a company that produces soft porn. Years later, it makes an entertaining read!

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